Take Your Direct Mail Beyond "Hello John" with Variable Printing

June 25, 2019

As marketers well know, consumers expect consistent, personalized communications from the brands they interact with. 

Marketers themselves are accustomed to the simplicity and breadth of personalization digital marketing channels provide. Far fewer, however, are aware of the vast degree to which...

No Email? No Problem. Physical Addresses Are Re-Opening the Door to Engagement.

May 28, 2019

During the eTail West conference earlier this year, I had the chance to speak with marketers about the challenges that keep them up at night. One of the most common responses was the growing number of people unsubscribing from their email lists, and subsequently, what this meant for effectively...

SG360°Named A USPS 2019 Next Campaign Awards Winner

May 01, 2019

Each day our team members come to work with the driving goal of creating and distributing innovative direct mail programs.

Every piece that comes off our presses is met with pride as we thrive on helping our customers seamlessly weave the power of direct mail into their marketing mix.

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