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3 Ways Direct Mail Packs A Serious Punch for Online-Only Brands

(May 30, 2018)

With e-commerce as the backbone of today’s modern retail world there has been an almost meteoric rise of online-only brands. While these companies have found initial success through the economies...

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Overcoming the Challenges of Digital Advertising With Direct Mail

(May 03, 2018)

As any marketer knows – no channel is perfect. Creating a successful marketing strategy requires understanding the challenges inherent in each channel and leveraging the right mix – both online...

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Customer Data Security - Do Your Marketing Partners Have You Covered?

(April 16, 2018)

As the oft-quoted expression goes, "With great power comes great responsibility."

Data holds the greatest of power in today's business landscape. For the marketing partners you've entrusted your...

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4 Key Benefits of Direct Mail Product Sampling

(April 03, 2018)

We’re all familiar with the headlines – retail is in the midst of a seismic shift. E-commerce sales continue to accelerate while brick and mortar stores struggle. 

For product-based brands, this...

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Still Segmenting Customers By Generation? It's Time To Update Your Strategy.

(March 13, 2018)

Customer segmentation – it is and forever will be, one of the most critical practices undertaken by marketers in the pursuit of increasing the delivery, response and overall impact of their...

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Not Working With A G7 Qualified Printer? Here's Why You Need To Be

(February 14, 2018)

When it comes to brand-building, the science of color is a discipline unto itself. While certain colors encourage calm and tranquility, others energize or even induce hunger. They are perhaps one...

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Understanding the New USPS Move Update Standards

(January 23, 2018)

If you’ve earmarked budget for direct mail in 2018, chances are you’re aware of the new USPS® postage rates that went into effect this month – on January 21 to be exact. Accompanying the new rates...

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Direct Mail in a World Gone Digital (Infographic)

(January 11, 2018)

There’s no denying it – we live in a digital first world. The average U.S. adult spends nine hours a day in front of a digital screen, and more often than not our mobile phones are the first thing...

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